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At San Antonio Apartments, we understand the importance of education in today's society. Parents want nothing more than to place their children in schools where they know their children will be in good hands. Especially when moving to a new area, parents want to make sure that there are appropriate schools nearby. Researching specific needs and wants for their children's education is the first step that any moving parent should take. A simple phone call to the school's district will answer most of your questions, but not all. Some cases may require a visit to a counselor who is more than willing to help a parent find the right education and school for their kids. The internet is also a very useful source for information regarding ANYTHING related to your child's education. Here is a link to the San Antonio Independent School District website.

San Antonio Independent School District

Mission Statement

The mission of the San Antonio Independent School District is to graduate all students as responsible citizens with the academic and social preparation to pursue higher education, join the military, or enter the work force.

SAISD Fundamental Beliefs:
  1. Excellence and equity in student performance are achievable for all students. We believe that every child can and will learn in an educational setting committed to high expectations for all.
  2. No child will be left behind. We believe that when a child fails to learn, it is the system that fails - not the child. Each campus must assume ownership and accept accountability for the learning outcomes of each and every child.
  3. The teacher is the program. The hallmark of a good educational system is measured by the quality of the people who deliver instruction. No program, no matter how innovative, well researched, or costly, will succeed without the efforts of an effective, caring teaching staff.
  4. People support what they help create. Quality education is a collaborative process among leaders and learners where teachers, parents, students, the community and administration are individually valued and where they jointly share responsibilities for making decisions that improve educational opportunities for all children.
  5. Change comes from within. Successful change comes about when each person is committed to a common vision and mutually-shared beliefs that guide the behavior of the entire organization. Each District stakeholder-- those within the school family and those in the extended school family -- must believe and exhibit the tenets that form the foundation of SAISD's core values.

District Functions

  1. Governance - establishes an effective operations structure that ensures organizational stability and maximizes student performance, effective planning, effective policy development and decision-making, prudent fiscal decision-making, and establishes district-wide accountability for all stakeholders at all levels of the organization.
  2. Academics - establishes expectations of excellence and equity in student academic performance and provides high quality instructional programs for all students.
  3. Student Support - establishes expectations of excellence and equity in student social and life skill development and provides high quality and personalized student support services to all students.

  1. Administration - establishes an effective, efficient organizational structure that promotes excellence in the performance of all District staff and ensures high quality administrative support services through a district-wide accountability system.
  2. Human Resources - establishes an effective recruitment, hiring, and retention process to maintain the desired quantity and quality of personnel necessary to achieve the organization's mission.
  3. Technology - establishes and maintains state-of-art technology to support academic instruction, management information, and administrative services.
  4. Communication - provides and maintains effective internal and external two-way communications that informs all stakeholders throughout the school district in a systematic and comprehensive way and is disseminated continuously and promptly.
  5. School-Community Relations - establishes and maintains student-centered and meaningful relationships with parents, business, civic, and community leaders to provide meaningful support to the public schools.
  6. Special Facilities Construction and Improvement Initiative - ensures effective and efficient implementation of the facilities construction and improvement program.

What is Vision 2005: Destination Exemplary

Vision 2005 is SAISD's five-year District Improvement Plan (DIP) that will guide the School Board, staff, and community in working toward the mission and goals of educating all children and continuously improving their academic performance. Input from every school, department, advisory group, and stakeholder category, as well as the public at large, has been sought. With such participation, the District expects to advance toward the goal of becoming a world-class educational system. Paramount is the need to chart a course of action, in one-year time increments through the year 2005, which will focus on providing a sense of direction for and establishing a commitment to educating students for the 21st century.

SAISD Goals for Vision 2005 are:

Governance Goal: By the year 2005, the San Antonio Independent School District Board of Trustees will have been nominated as a state exemplary School Board with an effective, unified governance structure, strong leadership, and a policy development process which establishes an effective and equitable instructional delivery system.

Academic Goal: By the year 2005, all students will receive quality instruction and the District will receive an exemplary rating by the state accountability system.

Student Support Goal: By the year 2005, all students will have an opportunity to fully develop their special interests and social life skills, and have an opportunity for community service learning.

Administration Goal: Beginning the year 2000, the San Antonio Independent School District will effectively and efficiently administer and manage its resources so that integrity, confidence, and community support are earned.

Human Resources Goal: By the year 2005, a high-quality cadre of academically-prepared, professionally- performing, and student-caring teachers and staff will be recruited, employed, and retained.

Technology Goal: By the year 2005, the San Antonio Independent School District will have state-of-the-art technology services to provide for academic instruction and support, management and administrative services, and community outreach.

Communication Goal: By the year 2005, the San Antonio Independent School District will have a state-of-the-art communications system that effectively informs and engages employees and the community.

School-Community Relations Goal: By the year 2005, the San Antonio Independent School District will establish a school-community infrastructure that fosters a commitment to support student learning

Special Facilities Construction and Improvement (Bond Construction) Goal: By the year 2005, the San Antonio Independent School District will complete the 1997 bond construction program and plan for a new construction program.

Source from San Antonio Public Schools

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